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Many chairs had to be added to the California Rehabilitation Oversight Board (C-ROB) meeting’s public seating section on August 5 to accommodate the large number of Honor Program supporters who were in attendance. 

From as far away as New Mexico, and from far-flung areas of California, people came to demonstrate their support for the Honor Program. CDCR Secretary Cate, Inspector General Shaw, and the C-ROB members listened to the impassioned words of supporters, many of whom spoke from their own experience as well as the experience of their incarcerated loved ones.  At times Secretary Cate and Inspector General Shaw appeared visibly moved by the testimony, especially when 11-year-old Tommy Wickerd II spoke about what the Honor Program has done for his relationship with his dad, who is a prisoner in the program.  

Among those also offering powerful testimony on behalf of the Honor Program were Marion House, Margaret Mercado, Kim Chan, David Bruyette, Mara Taub, Diane Pendola, Elizabeth Esterly, and Susan Scott.  Retired Correctional Sergeant Debra Tidwell spoke movingly of her many years of experience on the ground in the Honor Program. Representatives of several community organizations were also on hand to lend support. 

The next C-ROB meeting will be held in Sacramento on Wednesday, September 2nd, at 1:30 pm.  Please visit http://www.oig.ca.gov/pages/c-rob.php for more information about this meeting.  If you wish to attend, please send an e-mail through this website and an Honor Program volunteer will contact you. 

While supporters lauded the in-person turnout for the August 5th meeting, several expressed disappointment that more letters were not sent to C-ROB from those who were unable to attend. Letters from supporters are always distributed to Secretary Cate, Inspector General Shaw, and C-ROB members at the time of the meeting.  The larger the pile of letters placed in front of them, the greater the impact that is made.  Please take action NOW and write a letter to C-ROB.  Sample letters can be viewed here.  The contact information for C-ROB is:

Mailing address

California Rehabilitation Oversight Board
P.O. Box 348780
Sacramento, CA 95834-8780

FAX: (916) 928-4684  (letters can also be faxed)




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