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Low Stabbing Ratio


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Steering Committee Members

K. Hartman C-19449
C. Russ  E94525
C. Bienek  E20151
M. Duran  J13116
A. Boyd T40204
D. Williams  H45771
H. Machuca  C37952
Irving  K05549
R. Chan  J30838

Kenneth Hartman, a life prisoner with over 27 years served, is the Chairman of the Steering Committee for the Honor Program. In 1999, he wrote the original proposal for the Honor Program at California State Prison, Los Angeles County, Lancaster (CSP-LAC). Ken is also a nationally recognized, award-winning author who has worked for more than 17 years to effect transformational change inside prison. His essay, A Prisonerís Purpose, was one of the winners of the Templeton Foundationís worldwide essay contest, the 2004 Power of Purpose Awards. He also won a 2005 Maggie Award for his editorial piece on prison reform which was published in California Lawyer. His wealth of knowledge and direct experience of prison have proven invaluable in his work to create a healing society both within and outside the prison walls; he has devoted his life to, and works tirelessly on behalf of, this cause.

Additional writings...

  1. Seeking Peace
    by Ken Hartman

  2. A Prisoner's Purpose
    by Ken Hartman

    Winner of the 2004 Power of Purpose Awards

  3.  The Low Stabbing Ratio
         by Saint James Harris Wood


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